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Intuitive Counseling and Energy Clearing Sessions: Individual

Live Your Life More Realized...

Intuitive Counseling and Energy Clearing sessions offer you an opportunity to delve deep into your desires and dreams so that you can create a life reflective of your heart's desire.

What are you desiring to experience?

Life is a journey…

In your session, you will receive empowering psychic guidance to help you achieve clarity in terms of your vision for your life and the challenges and patterns that are getting in the way of you living that vision. You will also receive intuitive feedback on what is working and what is "coming in" to support you during this time

 We are always in the process of becoming…

The patterns in your life that you are seeking to change took time ( sometimes life times ) to create and can often take time to shift in order to integrate new ways of thinking, feeling and taking action. You will leave a session feeling empowered, and inspired to create positive change and momentum in your life.

Over time you might also encounter various old patterns and obstacles that can be challenging. Receiving more consistent guidance and support can help you to create a foundation to be more empowered and have more clarity, ease, and sustained momentum in living the way you wish to live and feeling the way you desire to feel.

Being able to tap into your intuition and trust it and act upon it.

During your first session we can discuss how continued work together would be of benefit to you.

Are You Ready?

Does your thought beliefs and emotions shape your world? What if you were truly living the life you were born to live? I invite you to COME PLAY and discover how powerful you are! Let’s make a custom package just for you.

Let’s get you clear on your desires, while I release the patterns of resistance.


There is no one answer to this question, as it all depends on what you are desiring to receive support and clarity around, what you are in the midst of, and how you process.struggle and align you to your highest potential.


Your Intuitive Counseling Session will be 60 - 90 minutes. Generally, my clients derive the deepest benefit from working with me over time, I offer Intuitive Counseling packages to best meet your needs.

The benefits of investing in a package of Intuitive Counseling sessions are many.



If your ready to receive empowering psychic guidance and achieve clarity in terms of your vision for your life then my 1 on 1 coaching is for you...


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