Meet Lisa

We are taught to follow all the "right" steps...

Living in a society where you graduate high school then go to college. You get that J-O-B with great benefits so that you can have enough money to retire.

You get married, have the house with the white picket fence, and two kids playing in the yard with the dog.

We live to work, just so that we can cover our bills & "do our best", all while life is passing us by. 

I’m calling BS 

There’s so much more to this amazing life. 

When trying to find the answers for myself,  I became a board-certified Polarity Therapist and teacher. I continued my studies through becoming a licensed massage therapist, RYSE practitioner, reiki master, mindful meditation coach, and yoga instructor.

Each one of these practices allows me to offer a life transformational experience to my clients. 

Through our work together, I help you change unconscious, invisible patterns & habits that prevent you from physically experiencing all you desire and to live the life that you truly want.  


The money, the beautiful family, the loving relationship, the incredible career- all while staying true to yourself, and step into the best version of you, your highest self. 

With over 30 years of experience in the world of energy medicine, coaching and training, working with thousands of people, my clients receive an unparalleled experience that allows them to tap into living the life of their dreams. 

It’s possible. Let me show you how. 



You navigate your life with more awareness, ease, and joy. You see things more clearly, face issues with equanimity, and live every day with increased power, abundance, and joy. 


Through integrated energetic restorative methods, physical healing modes, mental releases- I tap into psychic channeling to deliver potent work that will affect your life in a significant way. 

During our sessions, we work on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels to empower your life. It's time to awaken your potential and discover your own inner peace.

My work includes one on one energy clearings, coaching, and Aligned Mastery Energy Training; for personal benefit or to learn how to do energy work on others. 

Are you Ready to Live the Life of your Dreams?

Your thoughts ,beliefs and emotions shape your world. What if you were truly living the life you were born to live? I invite you to COME PLAY and discover how powerful you are!


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