About Me

Lisa is a board certified Polarity Therapist with 30 years of practice and teaching.

She is a compassionate and gifted therapist and teacher, who is deeply devoted to the wellbeing and success of her clients and students. A life long student herself, over the years she has expanded her knowledge of healing by studying many different modalities including Massage, Cranial sacral, Lymphatic drainage, Ryse, Reiki, Yuen method, Energy Medicine, Melchizedek Method, Past Life Regression, Tapping, Light language, Divine Intervention, and the Dream Builders Coaching Certification Program.

 Lisa discovered her passion for helping others discover and strengthen their innate powers to live a life they love living, realizing that the mental and physical intertwine and the cycle of pain and struggle is a learned behavior. Lisa provides you with empowering intuitive guidance, clarity, and inspiring support, helping you to reconnect with your own magic and live your life more realized.

 Each person is unique, growing, learning, and healing in their own unique way. Over the many years of practice I have learned to trust in each person’s capacity for change. I see myself as a teacher and a guide, using touch, channeling and other skills to lead each person towards increased awareness and embodiment of their higher self

What Is Live More Realized?

Living your life more realized means you navigate your life with more awareness, ease, and joy. You see things more clearly, face issues with equanimity, and live everyday with increased power, abundance and joy. 

Lisa has integrated energetic restorative methods, physical healing modes, mental releases and psychic channeling into potent work to affect your life in positive ways. She touches your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels to empower your life, to awaken your potential and to discover your own inner peace. 


Hello Everybody!

Have you always known there has to be more? It doesn’t have to be this hard?

All my life I have always known there has to be something greater!

When trying to find the answers I became a board certified Polarity Therapist and teacher, licensed massage therapist, RYSE practitioner, reiki master, mindful meditation coach, yoga instructor, and many other certifications in different modalities. They are all amazing pieces of work, but combining them can change the hidden, unconscious, invisible patterns/habits that prevent you from physically experiencing all you desire and living your life your way….

Your Thoughts, Beliefs, and Emotions

Does your thought beliefs and emotions shape your world? What if you were truly living the life you were born to live? I invite you to COME PLAY and discover how powerful you are! Let’s make a custom package just for you.


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